How FlexIOI Helps You Achieve Best Execution


With MiFID II implementation now less than 60 working days away, the urgency to ensure ‘all sufficient steps’ are being made to achieve Best Execution is becoming increased. FlexTrade is built for Best Execution and continues to diversify its comprehensive FlexTRADER EMS platform to showcase this, most recently through the execution of a large block trade from Goldman Sachs using a new Indication of Interest (IOI) functionality.

“The IOI functionality is another tool to assist in simplifying the trading process as it provides seamless, one-click or no-click interaction with IOI liquidity directly from the trading blotter,” said Andy Mahoney, Head of Sales at FlexTrade.

Notably for the buy side, actionable IOIs are becoming increasingly important as results can be seen without ever having to pick up the phone and negotiate a trade.

FlexTRADER has made it truly possible to utilise the power of IOIs through the integration of actionable messages into the trader’s workspace. Advancements in technology have meant that traders are seeing more targeted IOIs in their blotter, which ultimately provides unique liquidity at their desks.

You can read more about FlexIOI and our partnership with Goldman Sachs in our latest announcement. Click here to read more.