What You Need to Know about Compliance with MiFID II Timestamping

FlexTRADER EMS already monitors for millisecond timestamps and clock drift to ensure high-level accuracy.

Ahead of MiFID II legislation which comes into effect from 03 January 2018, we have implemented our compliance solution for RTS 25 regulation in relation to timestamps which states that granularity and accuracy are the two components to clock synchronisation.

“Timestamps in the FlexTRADER EMS are already at granularity of a millisecond including brokers on our FlexLink network,” said Andy Mahoney, Head of Sales at FlexTrade.

High level accuracy

For electronic traders, accuracy to the millisecond is required and for voice, the nearest second of high degree of accuracy is required.

Within FlexTRADER, we actively monitor for valid millisecond timestamps and clock drift to ensure high level accuracy.
“Our integrations with third party systems, including Symphony for messaging, ensure timestamps on order and executions are easily recordable for orders that aren’t executed electronically,” continued Mahoney.

“All our servers already sync to atomic clocks over NTP and we are actively pursuing more reliable sources for timestamping, including GPS.”